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Years ago, John's first webpage appeared in 1998, and was called, "Pedersen's Paradise". That site existed from 1998 through 2005. When "Paradise", the title of John Pedersen's fourth album, was released in 2006, a new site was developed to showcase that particular project. This happens to be the page you are viewing at this time. In the meantime, John's older site became dormant and, given John's extensive discography, it was decided to use this new web space for all of John Pedersen's music - whether old or new.

Concerning John Pedersen's collection of songs, over a dozen albums tell stories of love, romance, adventure and spirituality in a contemporary instrumental context. In addition to Jazz, New Age solo piano pieces are often played on a full grand piano. Once in a while, one hears groove oriented and chilled electronica in his body of work. In many cases, the tunes flow together in a seamless tapestry of continuity. Infectious melodies, cleverly weaved into this fabric, serve to keep the listener interested.

Although John's keyboards include state of the art synthesizers, the addition of acoustic piano provides a more human feel to some of the songs. Occasional guest musicians include, Andy Machin, who made tasteful contributions on acoustic & electric guitars. Also, Jeff Winckler's spirited performance on drums and Adrienne Nims wonderful flute and sax playing were featured on John's "Groovidi" album from 2007. "White Owl", from 1997, featured drums and percussion from Mark Sarno, a fellow recording artist who co-produced that project. Recently, John has created his sonic soundscapes alone - with only a Korg Triton synthesizer, a Roland JV-1010 sound module and an 8-track digital recorder.

Whether working with other musicians or as a solo artist, John creates a magical and unique sound that transcends description. He provides a masterful collection of eclectic influences, all woven together into a compelling tapestry of lush soundscapes. Jazz, ambient and progressive elements are frequently anchored by a danceable rhythm section. Diverse ethnic percussion on many tracks, provides for a memorable multicultural experience.

Feel free to explore this website to find out more about the music of John Pedersen.

For listening samples: click LISTEN. For purchasing info and feedback, e-mail John at the following address:

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