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Welcome to my website where you can discover and listen to some compelling instrumental music. I'm a keyboardist and composer specializing in contemporary music influenced by many styles including: smooth jazz, Latin rock, funk, modern dance music, chill out lounge and solo piano. By weaving clever melodies into a lush tapestry of sounds, I can provide a wonderful experience for the listener. My tunes are further enhanced by superb musical guests like, Adrienne Nims - sax and flute, Andy Machin - guitar, bass and percussion, as well as Jeff Winckler - drums.

Looking below, you can see the covers of most of my albums. If you click the blue link that says, "More Info", you will get the in-depth story behind each project. All of my music can be downloaded on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and streaming is available at sites like, Spotify and Pandora. If you wish to correspond with me, my email address is .

Thank you,  John Pedersen

Tropic Wonder
Sacred Secrets
Music for the Journey
To the Sky
By The Sea
In The Light
Spires II
When Sun Broke Through
Legend and Landscape
White Owl

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