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John Pedersen's "2012"

John Pedersen's release, "2012", is an interesting musical voyage through progressive, ambient and electronic soundscapes, inspired by the fascinating theories and conjecture concerning the end of the Mayan calendar (on December 21, 2012). The subject of "2012", whether one believes it or not, has spawned a great deal of musical inspiration for me. On 10-10-10, with the album's release, I revealed the fruits of that inspiration.

The excellent cover art was conceived by my friend, artist and musician, ORB GETTARR. He is also the director of the video for "NOVELTY", track #10 on the album. This video, with its amazing imagery and computer generated graphics, can be found on YouTube.

John Pedersen's sixth full length release, "2012", continues his tradition of composing and performing eclectic and compelling music. Never to be confined to a particular genre, John covers a remarkable amount of territory, from ambient realms to state of the art electronica, and all points in between.

This album is getting streamed on Pandora and Spotify. Please listen to the audio clips, and if you like what you hear, feel free to download either the entire album or your favorite individual tracks on iTunes or Amazon. The price was set to accomodate any budget. Have an enjoyable listening adventure.

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