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John Pedersen's "Afterglow"

"Afterglow", a collection of relaxing piano pieces enhanced with smooth and silky string arrangements, was released on November 18, 2021 and has since received a substantial quantity of streams and downloads. This instrumental album was inspired by a trip to Hawaii and features beautiful ballads such as, "Kauai Sunset" and "Island Time (With My Love)". Other songs like, "At Last" and "Written in the Heart" tell love stories using captivating melodies and compelling chord progressions.

The cover art features a photograph of an amazing Kauai post-sunset afterglow. This awe- inspiring image, not surprisingly, inspired the title of the release.

Several songs were composed with John's puppy, Penelope, in mind. An remixed version of the previously available, "Unleashed", as well as a new one, "Penelope (Petite Mix)", close out the Afterglow project with a welcome sense of puppy playfulness.

"Afterglow" is available at most digital stores including iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. It is also being streamed and downloaded at sites such as, Spotify and Pandora. It can also be heard on YouTube.

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