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John Pedersen's "By the Sea"

Using piano and a variety of keyboards, John Pedersen has recorded a collection of new songs entitled, "By The Sea." Drawing from a plethora of styles including ambient, new age and groove oriented electronica, John has taken us to a beautiful seashore to gaze out at the blue ocean. The imaginative melodies and sublime textures allow the listener to travel a vast seascape before being immersed in warm waters. Deeply engaging and captivating, this eclectic album covers a lot of ground - or shall it be said, "covers a a lot of water."

Since it's release date of March 12, 2019, this essential project is now being heard across the universe through the miracle of streaming and downloading. It's available at fine stores like, CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play as well as sites like, Pandora and Spotify.

With his music, John creates a magical and unique sound that transcends description. He provides a masterful collection of eclectic influences, all woven together into a compelling tapestry of lush soundscapes. Jazz, ambient and progressive elements are frequently anchored by a danceable rhythm section. Diverse ethnic percussion on many tracks, provides for a memorable multicultural experience.

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