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John Pedersen's "Golden"

Released on March 29, 2023, “Golden” is a pleasant collection of piano based instrumentals enhanced by strings, magical synth sounds and percussion. Stylistically, this diverse album draws from jazz, chill and ambient influences - with interesting chord progressions and catchy melodies. Largely inspired by a Caribbean Cruise, this project features songs like “Golden” - about the picturesque sunsets in the region along with, “Caribbean Dream”. The especially haunting “Cenote” is about those enchanting cave systems, with mysterious pools of crystal clear water, that are scattered about the Yucatán Peninsula. “Orange Blossoms” was inspired by the fragrant flowers that appear every Spring on various citrus trees. “Into Your Eyes” is about gazing into the eyes of someone you love.

Revealing the next chapter in the music of John Pedersen, "Golden" features tracks that blend infectious melodies with compelling chord progressions that are played on piano, synthesizer and, in some cases, drums and percussion. The eclectic mix of styles ranging from new age to jazz will certainly satisfy the listener.

This album was recorded mostly live in the studio with a minimum of programming. A Korg Triton and Roland JV1010 were the principal tools used in this project.

"Golden" is available for download or streaming at a variety of online sites such as, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and at around 150 other places.

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