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John Pedersen's "Sacred Secrets"

"Sacred Secrets" was released on July 22, 2021. Featuring another wonderful set of instrumental pieces, this release is a sequel to the "Messages" album (2020). The atmospheric new age music style, of John's keyboard work, is complimented by an album cover displaying more of the Moab, Utah petroglyphs first seen on the "Messages" album. "Sacred Secrets" are, no doubt, in evidence on the large rock panels. These puzzling symbols were carved by the enlightened artists of several Native American nations including, the Anasazi and Pueblo peoples.

The album opens with, "Memories of Heaven", a beautiful and lightly orchestrated piece that not only represents memories of wonderful events in one's life, but perhaps actual recall of a person's existence before birth. "Pre-Existence", as this is called, is an actual belief by some religions. "Puzzled", up next chronicles the many questions people have about the human condition. "Magnificent" is a piece inspired by a near death experience by author, Anita Moorjani. It showcases the overwhelming feeling of love and magnificence that Anita saw and felt during her out of the body experience. Other songs are influenced by the "chill out lounge" genre of jazzy electronica and one song, "Unleashed", is actually about Mr. Pedersen's wild and energetic puppy and is a frenetic but highly danceable slice of EDM magic. The soft piano ballad, "The Crystal Rose", is a lovely depiction of a crystalline rose as seen in a dream and symbolizing true love and beauty.

"Sacred Secrets" charted at Number #2 on the Amazon Top 100 New Age Albums on July 23, 2021 and has been experiencing outstanding success on the various streaming and downloading sites such as, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Amazon and YouTube Music.

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