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John Pedersen's "Spires II"

Spires II was released on August 9th, 2017 and features more beautiful instrumentals played on piano and keyboards. Spires II marks a continuation of the compelling work done on the first Spires release (May 2017) and has been described as "an amazing feast for the ears with compelling soundscapes underscored by vibrant percussion. Many have found the melodic mix of jazz, rock, chilled ambiance and solo piano to be quite enjoyable."

Several uptempo selections are present on this release including yet another revision of John's song, New Horizons". The latest incarnation of that piece is appropriately entitled, "Ultimate Horizons", and is the definitive and best version of that track. Other tunes include the modern Disco song, "Frolic in the Summer Sun", and the new version of, "Dreaming of You" (which made its first appearance on the album, "Paradise"). The Spires II update is now called, "Dreaming Of You Again", and features live drums by Jeff Winckler (who played on both the Paradise and Groovidi releases).

Spires II has been well received by the listening community and sales have been quite impressive. It's available everywhere including, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora and Youtube.

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