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John Pedersen's "To the Sky"

"To The Sky", released on August 24, 2020, is a reimagining of John Pedersen's 2017 album, "Spires". Since the original "Spires" had some sonic issues, "Spires 2" was released a few months later featuring newer and sonically better versions of some of the songs - however, not every tune was redone. "To The Sky" marks the completion of the rework process of that album. Consequently, the original "Spires" project has now been removed from the digital marketplace. The new album features breathtaking and stunning songs that are sure to inspire the listener. In particular, the updated recordings for "Tone Poem" (now called, Tone Poem Revisitation) and "Love Of My Life" (now referred to an alternate version) are fabulous. Originally written in 2010 to pay tribute to all of the wonderful cathedral spires and turrets in the world, "Spires To The Sky" is an awe inspiring update to the original "Spires" recording from 2017.

Interestingly enough, the album opens with another remake of an older John Pedersen track. "Groovemaster", originally released in summer of 2010, is a funky jazz tune anchored by a rhythm section that provides the perfect balance between substance and groove. Like the original Spires album, Groovemaster suffered from sonic issues and was deleted from the marketplace. The new version, on "To The Sky" is excellent and much improved, having benefited from better arranging and mixing.

The album cover features a picture of a magnificent stand of Coast Redwood trees photographed by Mr. Pedersen during a trip to Big Sur, California back in 2012. This is one of the southernmost collection of Redwood trees on the West Coast. Looking up at the towering giants, as they reached "to the sky" was quite inspiring and certainly appropriate for this collection of music.

The entire album is a sonic delight. Shortly after coming out, "To The Sky" entered the Amazon Top 100 New Age Chart at a decent #18. Since then, the response to the project, has been excellent with a considerable number of its songs being downloaded and streamed. "To The Sky" can be found at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and a number of other sites as well.

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