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John Pedersen's "Tropic Wonder"

"Tropic Wonder" started its digital existence on March 7, 2022. A collection of 11 instrumental songs, which features - piano, strings, guitar and percussion, "Tropic Wonder" tells tender love stories in infectious melodies and compelling harmonies. Love songs, inspired by John's wife include, "Venus in the Morning". "Blissfully Yours", another sweet ballad, communicates effectively John's inner feelings through sound in a contemporary New Age style. "Tropic Thunder", the title track, is a song inspired by Mr. Pedersen's trip to Hawaii the previous summer. It certainly conveys the beauty of Kauai in music. On the more adventurous, "Possibilities", a trip to Disney's Epcot in early 2022 served as the main inspiration. The metaphysically based, "Hear the Light See the Sound", is about "Synesthesia", an ability for someone to see colors and shapes when hearing music. Once in a while, a gifted individual might be able to see things like, "light" and actually hear it at the same time.

This album reached #2 on the Amazon New Age Top 100 chart, for new releases, shortly after its debut. A decent number of streams and downloads have occurred since then. Like all of John's other albums, "Tropic Wonder" is available at over 150 digital stores and cyber radio sites including, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Google, Spotify and Pandora.

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